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L/ for Leftovers

What’s left, what’s not used, what’s thrown away.
Almost 10% of the raw materials created for manufacture are ultimately not used…
In a spinning mill, in a tannery or at a weaver’s, we call them the LEFTOVERS.
These materials are as noble, as beautiful and as soft as those that have been manufactured, but are not used despite their quality. It is a huge waste.
By working with the best craftsmen, I decided to give them life.
My creative process is the opposite of that found in the fashion industry today : Starting from the constraints of these materials that are left behind, I invent styles and shapes and sewing techniques to give them a new value and to make beautiful and timeless clothes out of them.


L/ for Liberty

Today, nearly one out of four manufactured garments is never worn.
L/overs overcomes the rules of the fashion industry and breaks this crazy cycle of collections that follow one after another, then fall out of fashion and finally sent to clearance sales or thrown away.
At L/overs it is the availability of the materials that influences the inspiration, the rhythm and the quantity that are produced.
Pieces are offered only when they are available, in limited quantities during L/overs Club events : day or evening sales, events, pop-up shops and corners or online private sales.
The clothes are sold at the best price, there are no sales but they can be returned or repaired.


L/ for Lucille Léorat

Lucille has been working with cashmere for 20 years.
She knows every secret of this noble material and its delicate transformations.
She has spent weeks in China, from the farms of Mongolia to the spinning mills of Sichuan.
She explored all the different processes, invented thousands of stitches, techniques, colors and materials.
She likes to touch, to feel, to invent and to try things.
Her inspiration comes from the materials, the techniques and the women and men she dresses.
She makes designs in which we should feel good, beyond fashion and trends.
She loves Good as much as Beauty and refuses to consider fashion as a vain profession : clothes should be comfortable, lasting, solid, multifunction and shareable.


L/ for Love

L/overs is a generous brand, responsible and ethical.
A brand that seeks to minimize its environmental impact, to use and reuse neglected materials.
A brand that offers its wearers the noblest and richest materials at the best price.
A brand that refuses planned obsolescence, that claims timelessness, durability, solidity.
A brand that does what it likes, with the people it loves and for those it loves.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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